Tuition Fees: £3000
Duration: One Year

What is Law?

Have you ever wondered Why do we need law?
How are laws made? How do Judges make decisions? What are the different types of court and how do they operate?
How do people become Solicitors or Barristers?
Do you want to know about offences such as murder and theft?
Do you want to understand negligence and contracts?

A level Law provides an introduction to a fascinating subject, one which covers many aspects of life.You will develop an understanding of law and how it works, learn more about society from a legal perspective – both contemporary and historical. As well as learn about the interaction between law and morals, and justice and society, you will look at the different areas of law – criminal, tort and contract. Students will make connections with business, economics, history, politics and technology, and develop academic skills including analysis and evaluation.

Combines with?

History, English, Psychology and Geography.

Leads to?
The A level gives an excellent introduction for students who want to read Law at university or start a legal apprenticeship. It demystifies the law. Universities recognise the advantages of A level Law. The course has been developed following the advice of teachers, students and universities. A level Law is not just for those who want to enter the legal professions; it is a well respected subject and links well with science, humanities and social science subjects.