Tuition Fees: £3000
Duration: One Year

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of substances; how they react and what they are made of. Everything you see around you involves chemistry in some way!

Builds on GCSE material such as atomic structure, electron configurations, bonding and reaction rates, but in more depth. You learn how to calculate energy changes in reactions and concentration of solutions in titrations. You use your knowledge of precipitation reactions to identify inorganic unknowns. You also learn some completely new ideas, such as carrying out organic synthesis and how to use infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to analyse unknown chemicals.

Combines with ?

Physics, Maths, Computer Science and Biology.

Leads to?
Chemistry A level is essential for students wishing to take a degree in Medicine, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. It is also useful for many others including Oceanography and Geology.
You will almost certainly need a grade A or A* to study Medicine, Veterinary Science or other highly competitive courses. Chemistry is often considered the ‘central science’, as it strongly overlaps with both biochemistry and materials science